I’m writing in regards to my experience with birthright. I believe it was about 2 years ago when I first went to birthright in need of clothes and diapers for my baby, and I must say that it was a great visit. Everyone was very helpful, they always had a smile on their faces and they made you feel like family, as I mentioned before all the ladies there are very nice and helpful. But the one lady who is dearest to me is Ms. Diane she is the greatest, sweetest lady that I have ever met, my car broke down last year and I was in need of diapers for my son and I didn’t have a way there, Ms. Diane took the time and brought them to me. Whenever, I have needed something she has been right there. I’m very glad that I made that step and went to birthright, because I know that sometimes we all feel a little shy going into a place for help, not knowing how we would be looked upon. Well, birthright is not one of those places, it’s a great place with outstanding workers who make you feel very comfortable and I would recommend it being a place to go. Before, I finish writing I just have to end on this note, Ms. Diane went from being the lady I just met to a lady I feel I have known my whole life.

Thanks Birthright!!